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Daria! Magazine 2019

“I’m glad to present a content driven issue of Daria! that spreads over 126 pages, one of our largest yet.” – Daria Trifu, Editor

In this issue:

1. Interview with film producer Rebekah Louisa Smith (page 22);

2. Interview with film actress Sophia Abella (page 44);

3. Article about illustrator and fashion designer Codruta Luca (page 10);

4. A chapter from film director Bruno Pischiutta’s autobiographical blog, that regards the birth of this magazine (page 26);

5. Introducing ten inspiring international, English speaking, actors who are represented by the Global Film Actors Agency;

6. The complete Film Guide of the 2019 edition of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival (page 51).

Daria! Magazine 2018

Highlights from the magazine include the featured interviews with film director Flaminia Graziadei, with film auteur Bruno Pischiutta and with Greek Olympic athlete Kostadinos Kariotis. The magazine also presents every one of the 32 films and documentaries that are participating in the 2018 edition of Global Nonviolent Film Festival that takes place from September 20 to 30.

The cover of Daria! features actress Christie Norton who is the Image of Global Nonviolent Film Festival.

Daria! Magazine 2017

Highlights from the magazine include the exclusive interviews with Hollywood film producer Jamee Natella who is also gracing the cover of the magazine, and with Iranian film director Kazem Mollaie. In this issue, there are also many more articles about the films and the filmmakers who are participating at this year’s Brasov Int’l Film Festival & Market between September 14 and 24. Daria! magazine can be read here:

Daria! Magazine 2016

This is the annual 2016 issue of Daria! magazine that features the Film Guide of the 2016 edition of Brasov International Film Festival & Market. It also introduces some of the film actors who are being represented by Brasov Talent Agency. Daria! magazine can be read here:

Daria! Magazine 2015

This edition celebrates the 10th anniversary of Daria! Magazine. It features many interesting and exclusive articles on arts and entertainment topics. It’s further dedicated to the 2015 edition of the Brasov International Film Festival & Market and it showcases it’s film guide. The Magazine, in English language, is available in print as well as online for one entire year. Daria! magazine can be read here:

Daria! Magazine 2014

The following  are two special, bilingual (English/Romanian) editions of DARIA! magazine that have been published for the Brasov International Film Festival & Market 2013 and 2014. They have been distributed everywhere in Brasov during the Festivals and worldwide, for one year, at different film festivals and special events. Daria! magazine can be read here:

Daria! Magazine 2013

Daria! Magazine 2007

This is a Special Issue celebrating Social Entrepreneurship. The cover of the magazine features Bill Gates, Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett.

Daria! Magazine 2005

This is the Premiere Issue of the art, entertainment & business magazine, Daria!.