By Bruno Pischiutta

We were probably never before completely inundated with news the way we are today through the Internet, when we open the computer or the TV. The process of what we have to do is not simple; it is, on the contrary, very complicated because a lot of the news that overwhelms us is fake, it is pure partisan propaganda and sorting the fake news out of the real news is a difficult process. Then, logically, all the news that comes at us is like dyed with a red powder. Names, people, facts and topics are so many and it is up to us to figure out what is important and what is not. Only the story has the ability to remove this red dust from the different subjects and clearly indicate the important things. The most important purchase this year was Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter. Clearly, this is exposed in History along with censorship and election interferences.

The enormous amount of information that we are targeted with has the power to hide what information is most important. History will tell us in a while, as it always does, but we have ways to try to figure out even at this point in the process what matters and what doesn’t. All I can say here is what I see: there is a very small group of people who make up The Trilogy team. There is then a huge group, comprising all the others who make up the present and future viewers of The Trilogy. So, there are just two groups of people, the leaders and the followers. There is nothing else; not even the full title of The Trilogy will be known until the end of 2023. As of today I throw myself completely into the making of The Trilogy. In the past, art has been able to promote ideas, religious freedoms, historical realities of different kinds; now, The Trilogy topic and the art contained in it will also allow us to examine more deeply the freedom of speech that is an essential element of our freedom as a whole.

The Trilogy is a tremendous force because it is made with an all pure art. This is the force that always wins because it rests on the imagination and heart the viewers never err.

Cinema has always been good for unveiling and explaining the current lifestyle of people and society because cinema has the ability to render any concept figuratively and visually. Undoubtedly, this will also be the case for The Trilogy that will allow us to understand why and how phenomena such as pedophilia and the sexualization of children is carried out and why. These subjects should not scare us; we must be ready to examine them and understand all that is behind them. When The Trilogy is completed and visible on the screen, everything will appear clearer and everyone will be able to make their own choices. For now, let us try to focus on the subjects that will soon be shared by History. D!