The payment will be made to the broker whose introduction will lead to full financing of ‘The Trilogy.’

By Bruno Pischiutta

The Trilogy consists of three sequential major motion pictures of 100 minutes each and three related documentaries of 48 minutes each. All six products will be shot in high definition, in Hollywood standard, and they are tentatively named The Trilogy. The first two feature films and the first two documentaries will be shot in London, while the third film and the third documentary will be shot in a tourist resort in Greece.

The scripts for the three films, which I wrote in more than one year, are complete. They are ironclad scripts that reveal to the reader everything that appears on the screen in every second of the three films. In particular, every shot is accurately described. The Trilogy’s films are main stream, however, to fully develop the principal subjects, the sex scenes are pushed to the edge and will guarantee the popularity and the broad interest of different segments of the world’s viewers.

I will direct the motion pictures and will co-produce them with Daria Trifu, who will also direct the three documentaries.

In tune with Elon Musk’s action in the corporate world, I am taking, with these films, a stand on the freedom of speech debate.

The films will be very important and positive for the LGBT community, and in addition to the freedom of speech, they will also touch on the very troubling realities of the sexualization of children, Satanism, and pedophilia.

The Trilogy films are not violent, but they are certainly iconoclastic and their strong sexual content accentuates the dramatic ending. The theme of the films will be the power exercised within relationships. The Trilogy will probably be among the most viewed films ever.

The plot of the feature films follows different characters and love stories typical of today’s scene, where love and sexual relationships are more complicated than ever because they are often interracial and sometimes involve characters from the LGBT community in a kaleidoscope of different nationalities, traditions, and ways. Love relationships are not caused and motivated by logic but by passion, and the force of passion gives them life and governs them in a constant fluctuating variation that is always interesting and often surprising.

The plot of The Trilogy also contains a very important element that, for marketing reasons, cannot be revealed until the start of the publicity campaign preceding the release of the films.

In fact, The Trilogy is inspired by the work of a genius from another time; the identity of this historic artist is an element that, for now, I cannot reveal. The importance of the identity of this universally known genius will move the attention of viewers around the world and create an irresistible point of attraction, as it happened in all the films produced in the past about this controversial character. It must be said that the previous films about this character have always particularly emphasized one aspect of his work that I do not touch upon: in The Trilogy, his work is treated in a completely different way, a way that guarantees, in my opinion, that The Trilogy will enter and have a unique place in the history of cinema.

There will be two ways to understand the film. The simpler and more popular way will be to follow the main story and the various love stories where one can find a very particular moral, but there will also be a more sophisticated and deeper way.

The cast, which includes some national and international stars, consists of more than 60 English-speaking actors, some of whom are members of Global Film Studio’s talent agency, Global Film Actors Agency (

British actress and dancer Stephanie Tripp will star in all the three films of The Trilogy.

Actress Stephanie Tripp

Other principal actors already chosen include international Stars such as South African Jonathan Pienaar and Indian Kristna Saikia, national film and TV Stars such as Greek Yannis Aivazis and other fine actors such as British Martin Nadin, Italian Stefano Zoccolari and newcomer Pino Cara.

Actress Kristna Saikia

The awarded Norwegian actress Camilla Roman and very young actresses Greta Goldling and Stella Hinsen, will also star in the films with Stephanie and Kristna.

Among the actresses in the leading roles there are the multi-awarded British Sharon Lawrence and the transexual Filipino Miss Seven (a.k.a. Sophia Abella).

I like to name all the other actors who are considered: Christie Norton, Franco Fiorellino, Angytta Cherrier, Dan Whalberg, Kelly Dalston, Steve Shinners, Kwnstantinos Mouratidis, Shaquille Mathurin, Martin Valentine, Jack Roper, Joe Legend, Stavros Parcharidis, Cheryl BryantBruce, and Daria Trifu.

Actress Cheryl BryantBruce

Casting is not complete; I have yet to choose a black actor for a lead role in the third film, some actresses for main roles, and some LGBT actors.

All other important pre-production choices have been made; key artistic executives such as local producers, director of photography, art director, costume designer and music composer have already been decided.

Here, we can see the names of those chosen:

Executive Producers
Daria Trifu, Bruno Pischiutta

Daria Trifu, Bruno Pischiutta

Local Producers
Martin Nadin
Stavros Parcharidis
Julia Mokhno

1st Assistant Producer
Elio Dell’Unto

Director of Photography
Kostas Gikas

Art Director
Davide De Stefano

Assistant Art Director
Massimo De Stefano

Costume Designer
Arianna Dal Cero

Written, Directed and Edited By
Bruno Pischiutta

1st Assistant Director
Olga Matsyna

Music By
Jay Jourden

The principal locations’ list, the optimal shooting dates and the production schedules of the film products have all been decided. The basic elements of pre-production are complete.

I like to now explain the reasons behind today’s open financial proposal.

Normally, film companies finance films with their own funds or with investment funds provided by third parties. Until now, Global Film Studio ( self-funded its last productions and, before that, individual film productions were financed by small groups of investors via private placement memorandums.

The Trilogy is different, and its financing way should reflect that. First, there is the monumental scope, unicity and universal appeal of The Trilogy that, I feel, makes it a great fit for a venture capitalist, and then there is its value as a franchise.

This time, I decided that The Trilogy should be financed by a venture capital company or a hedge fund. I made the decision to follow this route of financing because a considerable capital is required to shoot the six products that make-up The Trilogy, and more funds will be needed for the multi-million dollars marketing campaign that is necessary for the project.

I also want to tailor the financial deal to the needs and prerogatives of a single entity. These are some of the reasons for which I believe that The Trilogy should be financed by a venture capital company or a hedge fund.

It is my firm belief that a perfect agreement between two parties must be extremely profitable, convenient and fair to both. I do not want to present the venture capital or hedge fund with a prefabricated deal that simply has to be accepted, I will rather establish the conditions together with them. In this way, the final proposal that I’ll present will have parts in it that can be easily adapted and still negotiated.

I am sure that, by creating an agreement on those basis, it will be easy to have an approval. The partner I envision will be happy to know that:

  • the return on investment (R.O.I.) is projected, extremely conservatively, from a minimum of 200% before taxes in three years (three times the investment) to a possible 500% (six times the investment),
  • the premiere of The Trilogy will be preceded by an extensive digital marketing campaign,
  • the funds invested in marketing have the property, in a sense, to self-multiply by seven,
  • the films will be initially distributed worldwide by, Global Film Studio’s streaming service for non-violent films,
  • The Trilogy will then continue its distribution on the international film and television circuits, and finally,
  • Global Film Studio will not share with the investor the profit of the six film products, but it will share the total income (made up from the addition of the defined receipts) of the six film products.

Now, since I have not approached venture capital or hedge funds in the past, I need to be referred to the right company by someone who is familiar with these entities. That is why Global Film Studio has decided to reward, with $600,000, the stock-broker or business-man/woman who, unlike me, has a good knowledge of the venture capital and/or of the hedge fund world, and who will be able to introduce Global Film Studio’s proposal to the right entity. Clearly, the right entity will be the one that agrees to fully finance The Trilogy.

Who is interested in this proposal and would like to talk to me for more details, may contact me by e-mail at:

Venture Capital Companies and Hedge Funds that wish to know more about The Trilogy, may contact me by e-mail at:

Actors and actresses interested in being part of The Trilogy’s cast, may contact me via e-mail at: D!

Bruno Pischiutta is one of the last great Italian directors of his generation, and the only one who has lived in America for almost forty years. During his film career, he created and developed numerous feature films in Europe, America, Africa and Asia, and won major awards in several countries.

In China, he wrote and developed the feature film The Sepia Portrait, and in Ghana he completed the feature film Punctured Hope that the Hollywood Political Film Society recognized as best film expose’ and best film on human rights of 2009, and proposed Punctured Hope for nomination at the 2009 Academy Awards®. More info is here: Bruno Pischiutta IMDB | Personal Website