By Will Espero

We Need To Know (There’s Happiness In Our World) is a music video from the United States directed by Jay “Blue Jay” Jourden. It is a positive, uplifting video with an important message for the world. As we see conflict, violence, and negativity in the news and around us, this film reminds viewers of the joy and happiness emanating from all corners of society. Expressions about hope, optimism, love, and cheerfulness thrive and overflow.

Director Jay “Blue Jay” Jourden

Maestro Jay Jourden is located in Atlanta, GA. He is heading the musical department of Global Film Studio and he is in charge of the composition and production of the musical scores for the company’s films.

Jay “Blue Jay” Jourden is a world renowned producer and musical/vocal artist as well as an accomplished concert promoter/performer having worked on and help organize major concerts for The American Indian Movement AIM, Wounded Knee & The Longest Walk, The No Nukes Concert Series, Disaster Relief 96′, The 40th Anniversary of Woodstock 1969-2009 West Fest, and many more.

Jay is also Co-Founder of The World Freedom Project & Rock The Planet Tour, Advisor and Consultant to Earth Day Global, as well as a Board Member of Musicians & Artists For World Peace & other global activist organizations. Currently producing the International Music Video Project for World Freedom Song (Together We Are One) whereby musicians and artists from every country on the planet are being represented. He is organizing the music and arts world globally to create The International World Freedom Music & Arts Expo on six continents.

I produce and write music and songs in hopes of bettering our world so we can all live in peace and happiness.

Jay “Blue Jay” Jourden

We Need to Know (There Is Happiness In Our World) is an Official Selection at the 2022 edition of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival, and it can be watched from September 29 to October 10 on globalnonviolentfilmfestival.comD!