By Will Espero

Lobsterium is a short film from Norway directed by Hannah Karine Giske and Thor Lønning Aarrestad about relationships, expectations, and freedom. It begins at an after party which turns into an all nighter where sexual tension is released and new experiences are suggested. Two women vie for the attention of a man who has no desire to be embroiled in a single committed relationship. Open love and passion take over as intentions are revealed and moods shift throughout the evening. A night with raw physical attraction and sexual pleasure culminates into a look at the needs and wants of free-spirited individuals.  

New opportunities present themselves as two amorous women discover the possibilities which can unfold in Paris. Previous salacious forays are set aside as the chance to seek new and different intimate moments develope and become real.

A tasty meal of lobster is devoured by the two women as if bringing to an end to a chapter involving the physical connection with their male counterpart. A return to the ocean is seen as a primal journey where life began and where life can end.

Director Hannah Karine Giske

Hannah Karine Giske is a Norwegian actress and film and theatre producer. She is a member of the theatre company Normaliteten. Together with the film collective Frognerkontoret, she produced and directed a trilogy of short films entitled Insectum, Lobsterium and Undulatum.

At the core of her artistry is the fascination for anything that is split; views, personalities, the ego, and the never-ending longing for a resolution or closure that may or never may come. Her work is always rooted in personal experience and most often shrouded by dark comedy and surrealism.

Director Thor Lønning Aarrestad

Thor Lønning Aarrestad has been working as a cinematographer for film and television, in addition to having been the leader of The Norwegian Film Union (NFF). He has directed several short films, having the unique capacity of creating original expressions and at the same time following the story arc with a steady hand.

Thor Lønning Aarrestad is known for Første gang, Insectum and Lobsterium.

In this project, I wanted to highlight the presence of wonderful Norwegian visual artist Unni Askelan. I really love her sitting in the dimly lit living room saying this strange poetry of our film out loud. Working with a live lobster on set though, was a bit rough. I’m a vegetarian and animal lover, and I was so scared it would get hurt. I was also scared it would snap one of our fingers off.  

The inspiration for the lobster is the french poet Nerval, who supposedly had a pet-lobster that he was seen talking for a walk in the gardens of Palais-Royal in Paris. I have heard he did this to piss off the bourgeoisie, which is kind of fun because I see Lobsterium, with all its long silk dresses, lit candles and crystal glasses, as a sort of picture of the bourgeois lifestyle I myself always have tried to escape – I grew up in a really posh suburb outside of Oslo in Norway. My love for punk and especially No Wave that I discovered living in New York in the 2000’s, is part of what really inspired the language of this movie.

Hannah Karine Giske

Lobsterium is an Official Selection at the 2022 edition of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival, and it can be watched from September 29 to October 10 on globalnonviolentfilmfestival.comD!