By Will Espero

The idea of oneness and the interconnectivity of all living things is expressed in this feature film from the United States directed by Nathalie Vaglio. It takes place in the year 2032 when the Jupiter phenomenon reveals itself on the planet Earth controlled by a One World Government. Certain children soon become aware of overwhelming vibrations and sound waves from Jupiter. These chosen children have a sensitivity and consciousness from an invisible cosmic power not experienced by adults or by those in control of government. Governments fear of the unknown explains its negative tone and indifferent attitude triggering actions and behavior to suppress this growing movement of youth. 

This new thinking is transformational with the promise of evolutionary change that would impact humankind. Some adults attempt to explain the phenomenon using words or phrases as a channeling, a new discovery, a higher consciousness, and a new awakening. The authority and power of the mind over sound, vibrations, and cosmic interference and the vision of a new better world by a brotherhood and sisterhood of our youth is the story of Jupiter 2032. It is a film about what the world can become with a new inter-related connection and rebirth.

Director Nathalie Vaglio

Nathalie Vaglio is a French filmmaker and published photographer (Elle, Italy; Maui No Ka Oi Magazine, and Stand-up Journal, USA; and Le Petit Journal, Mexico) who has been living on Maui, Hawaii for 15 years. 

In 2018, she received the Jury Special Mention at the Paris International Video Competition When Sound Creates Images (in partnership with the CNC and l’Institut Français) for her short film Sound Travel that was nominated for Best Film and Best Animated Film. 

Passionate by storytelling, existence, and holism, Nathalie is handing over her vision of the whole in Jupiter 2032, her first independent feature film.

We started the adventure of Jupiter 2032 with one will in mind: demonstrate the interconnection of all things. In a world where everything tends to be separated and divided, it was very important for us to tell a story about Oneness. The unity between us human beings and, at a higher level, the unity within the cosmos itself, the unity that links all life.

The idea of Jupiter 2032 was born from the NASA recordings of the sound of the planets. Many questions came out of those recordings. What if human being can hear and receive those frequencies? How could they affect each individual? Could they have an impact on human consciousness? Is everything connected by those vibrations?

We’ve interviewed visionary minds to understand those frequencies and how this Jupiter phenomenon could be possible. Psychics, Tibetan lamas, sound engineers, quantum practitioners… It has been an incredible journey as we moved forward and filmed all those people so passionate talking about the vibrations of Jupiter and beyond. We visited so many topics: magnetic fields and cosmic frequencies; non-physical realities and our connection with the universe; Buddhism and ancient civilizations; DNA evolution and collective consciousness.

With Jupiter 2032, we are going on an adventure where the cosmos and life on earth work together, where frequencies have an impact on us and on our consciousness. We are going on an adventure where everything is connected, where everything is One.

Nathalie Vaglio

Jupiter 2032 is an Official Selection at the 2022 edition of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival, and it can be watched from September 29 to October 10 on globalnonviolentfilmfestival.comD!