By Will Espero

Three young filmmakers from the United Kingdom create a music video in a coastal area with sweeping visuals and abstract messaging. Their youthful collaboration shows creativity, depth, and fluidity. The music and tone of Opium Blue’s Jellyfish Man hold a simple elegance with a relaxing mood.

Directors Gabriella Buckley, Accept Cookies, Nathan Nicol

Gabriella Buckley is studying music at ICMP. She is interested in visually portraying a female artistic nuance by following her gut to truly self-express her stories.

Accept Cookies is an autistic, self taught film maker, artist, singer, producer, musician and animator. He creates visuals to immerse the viewer in the reality of imagined worlds. He makes everything from scratch: he produces the videos (including the animation), writes the lyrics, plays all instruments, and even sings in order to get closer to the bare metal of his art. His storytelling can be immersive, poetic, bluesy, joyful and hard (like his rap flow), and it encompasses the full spectrum of life and emotion with hope, positivity and freedom at the core.

Nathan Nicol is studying music at ICMP. Nathan is fascinated with film and feels an itch to discover his point of view in the film making world. At the moment, he is focused on portraying his feelings for his songs as imagery.

Writing Jellyfish Man was truly a special and personal experience for me. Visually, I wanted to portray the full gamut of the spectrum that is coming of age, interwoven with real snippets of conversations from years gone by and years of changing emotions illustrated by the complexity of the melody. Ebbing and flowing like water.

Gabriella Buckley

Having produced the song for the band Opium Blue I was intimately familiar with the song so producing the visual look for the I-phone footage to come alive in was a joy. Taking care of the VFX and manually match-moving the iPhone’s lens jumping artificial zooms was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, especially as the resolution didn’t permit cropping. For the animation at the end, I surprised the band with a wild and action packed abstract culmination to the surrealist narrative, an absolute joy and honor to work on this project.

Accept Cookies

I wanted to make Gabriella’s story come through on camera. Even with the countless problems we had trying to shoot that day, we felt it necessary to push though and rebuild the narrative into the context we were shooting in. What a fun experience!

Nathan Nicol

Opium Blue’s Jellyfish Man is an Official Selection at the 2022 edition of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival, and it can be watched from September 29 to October 10 on globalnonviolentfilmfestival.comD!