By Daria Trifu

I published the first issue of Daria! magazine in 2005. I remember launching it with a party that Bruno Pischiutta and I organized at the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica, California. The following day, we distributed it in thousands of copies all over the city during the AFM (American Film Market), the place where all the eyes of the media and most relevant film executives were focused. I recall with pride that a few years later, when Punctured Hope, the film I had produced in Africa and Bruno co-wrote and directed, was screening in cinemas in Los Angeles, we were approached by two Studio executives who asked for THE Daria!. It turns out that my magazine was well regarded and read within the industry by exactly the audience I had originally targeted: the film and media executives. 

Daria! is an art, culture, and entertainment magazine that for years was printed and distributed at film festivals and film events including the Monaco Grand Prix, the Friars Club New York, the Cannes Film Festival, and the Montreal One World Film Festival. 

In recent years, our company’s action has expanded globally: just like it was intended from the get-to when Bruno and I chose to name it Global Film Studio. Our interests and actions are global, not local. Like our film festival, the Global Nonviolent Film Festival that was held locally for the first few years, went online in 2016 and is since available worldwide, we are doing the same with Daria!; from today, Daria! becomes an online magazine.

What are the differences? There will no longer be just one day of the year for a new issue of Daria! to be released. Online, we will be writing articles on a constant basis, without being tight to publishing deadlines. Aside from our editorial categories that are Film & Entertainment, Art & Culture, and Lifestyle, we will continue to publish our extra features in D!vine, D!scover and Rising Stars, where new or emerging talent will be presented. We have also introduced a News category that gives us the possibility to publish press releases and keep-up with news in the film industry as it happens.

We no longer have a limit on the length of an article, or the number of photos it can contain. Additionally, the articles can now include videos (e.g. film trailers, interviews, etc.) that relate to the story. The online space offers us great freedom of expression. 

Who is interested in reading some of the past issues of Daria!, can navigate to Archive on the main toolbar and will be prompted to another site were the previous issues can be opened in book format.

There is also one particular article that I like to invite the readers who are interested to know the history of Daria!, to check. This was written by Bruno and it really tells the full story of how and why we created this magazine: “The Vision and Creation of DARIA!”.

Many of the articles that you will find in Daria! (online) today are coming from previous issues. I made a personal selection of some of the articles that I wanted to publish and have available online. I have also chosen to include four recent press releases of our company. 

There are two new (exclusive) articles published today in Daria!. One is written by Bruno and is about the Norwegian actress-director Camilla Roman whose career is taking-off and who, he says, has a “brilliant future ahead”: “Successful Norwegian Film Writer, Director and Actress Camilla Roman”.

The second is an article written by Senator Will Espero who just recently joined our company’s Board of Directors and who will be a contributor for Daria!. Will’s article is about film director Roger Paradiso’s feature documentaries on the Kennedy Era, entitled The Queen of Camelot and The Quest for Camelot: both documentaries have been released in world premiere on our streaming channel for nonviolent films, Here is Will’s article: “The Kennedy Era: Two Fascinating Documentaries from Director Roger Paradiso Showcase a Time of Hope, Change, Tension, and Dismay, All Awhile ‘Searching for Camelot’”.

Today is a historic day for Daria!; it is the day when the magazine goes online and becomes available to readers worldwide.

Enjoy and good reading!