RODICA TOTH POIATA, a talented Romanian painter, is not intimidated by the confined space of the white canvas and believes that there is still much to be created and discovered in fine arts.

By Daria Trifu

While contemporary art has broadened its sense by relying on promotion of concepts and social manifestos, and less on visual arts, there are still a few talented artists that found their freedom in the traditional media. Not everything has been said and done, thus, an artistic vision along with the creative passion can bring surprising new twists to the approach of classic subjects.

Rodica Toth Poiata’s oil paintings can be perceived and deconstructed at different levels, being rich in what they have to offer to the viewer. Not everyone sees the same thing when looking at her artworks. Some find joy in the gorgeous ripe colors that mesmerize the eye, others feel the contrast between the smoothness and the roughness of the textures she skillfully depicts, some others resonate with the composition that addresses their subconscious need of balance. The theme dearest to her heart remains the human body and the beauty of its form and gestures. Her nude paintings are more than naked bodies in aesthetically pleasing poses, they are an expression of the inner self, of the emotions that surface to the skin.

Her works are remarkably unique, and while her themes and style are ever evolving, one can recognize the distinctive characteristics of her compositions. Light is always present as a character in her paintings, sculpting the subject, setting the mood and the feel of the figures. The grace of the female figure on the canvas is not due to a perfect body or a fashion garment, but rather due to the inherent poise of “the woman”, be it a mother, a lover, or a fully complete being, with an entire palette of feelings to be discovered underneath the veil of lustfulness. Sexuality is neither the main subject, nor does it act as a limitative factor, it is just one of the multiple facets of individuals.

Rodica’s technique is eye-catching – her brush moves just as easily from painting coarse sackcloth to pearly hips and expressive hands. Her layering of color and shapes is never an act of chance, it is an act of reflection, of pondering, of setting up the narrating path on which the viewer is channeled. This makes an interesting contrast as well. While the subject seems like a captured instant, a fleeting moment, the meticulous strokes seal it for permanence.

The artist’s studio is currently in Bucharest, Romania’s capital city, where she lives and creates, but her artworks can also be seen in collections and art galleries worldwide; some of the more recent works are displayed on her website.

Rodica Toth Poiata, 3 July, 60x80cm

In a declining art market, Rodica Toth Poiata’s paintings are highly valued on the Romanian art scene as well as internationally, selling at a few thousand euros a piece according to Top Business Art Gallery, in prestigious auction houses of Romania, such as Goldart, Grimberg, and on the private market. D!