By Bruno Pischiutta

Angytta Cherrier is an adorable and multitalented  young Indonesian girl. She is beautiful, she is Muslim, and she is only thirteen years old. Considering her age, it is difficult to call her a girl; a child will probably be more appropriate but, knowing her several talents, her mind and her maturity level, if we call her a “child” we should call her a “child prodigy”.

Surrounded and supported by the love of her family members, appreciated by her teachers and revered by her friends, she has achieved great results till now and especially this year; nothing is too difficult or complicated for her. 

Time ago, when talking about somebody’s value, we used to say that she was “one in a million”; this is not enough to describe Angytta: she is “one in 270 million Indonesian”, and she has very different and yet incredibly valid skills.

Actress Angytta Cherrier

Angytta is an admirer of the Japanese culture and this can be seen in her anime-influenced animation drawings. Her technique combines graphic art, characterization, and cinematography. In comparison with Western animation, her anime production is generally very humorous and focuses less on movement, and more on the use of camera effects, such as panning, zooming, and angle shots.

Inevitably, this brings us to the other big talent of Angytta which is acting.

Her acting audition was superb and she is definitely ready to embark on the road to international stardom.

Bruno Pischiutta
Actress Angytta Cherrier

In the course of years I taught film, part of my International Film Workshops, to a lot of students from different countries and of different ages. Angytta is probably the youngest student I ever had. She performed so well during the Workshops’ months that she received an exclusive contract with our talent agency, Global Film Actors Agency, and a good number of shares in our company, Global Film Studio, that are worth a great deal of money.

Her short life is without negative experiences. Her world is filled with love for her parents, her two brothers, her friends and her wild cat. Even if very mature for her age, her artistic talents are mixed with humor and, of course, innocence; this is the wonderful world of actress Angytta Cherrier. D!