By Margo Buccini

Blue Jay’s mother was a highly accomplished jazz singer who worked with legendary American greats such as Ornette Coleman, Randy Weston, and Dexter Gordon. Jay was inspired from an early age by the exciting live performances he witnessed and their versatile styles and sounds; they instilled within him the desire to become a songwriter and performer.

The songs come to me on the wind.

Jay ‘Blue Jay” Jourden

This year, Jourden received the Song of the Year Award at the Josie Music Awards for Every Little Thing. He was also nominated for EP of the Year for Mystic Lovers, and Rock Vocalist of the Year. In 2019, he won the Josie Music Award for Vocalist of the Year in the Jazz/Blues category, for his work on the hit song No More Heartbreak.

Jay Jourden’s EP, Mystic Lovers, is a high powered, cross-genre mixture of uplifting love songs. The title song is a perfect example of this synergy. The pulsating rhythms and beats, brilliant arrangements, and masterful lyrical messaging, create inspiration for listeners to take a chance and fall in love.

The second song, Every Little Thing, is a multi-layered swirl of soul, jazzy pop, and vocal excellence that showcases the dynamic range of Jay’s powerful voice supported by the background singers.

Thirdly, No More Heartbreak, the high energy, dance rock hit has virtuoso instrumentation within the tight arrangements that keep you on the dance floor.

Finally, taking us on a journey into ancient mystical sounds and melodies, and well crafted verses, the last song, Whispers On The Wind, envelops you with the story and promises that love is eternal. Extensive international radio airplay of his songs has generated positive reviews and press worldwide.

Margo Buccini and Jay Jourden perform at the Ormond Beach Live Concert in 2019.

Jay’s impressive body of work demonstrates the perfect synthesis between an artist and his music. His versatility comes from a deep well of talent and soul. He feels a deep spiritual connection to music and his songs are reflected in the mystical qualities of his work.

When one listens to and understands his lyrics, one is amazed by his ability to weave the literal and the esoteric into a tapestry of sound and vision.

Jay Jourden is also known as an accomplished concert promoter and performer having worked on and helped organize major concerts for the American Indian Movement AIM, the Wounded Knee & The Longest Walk, the No Nukes Concert Series, the Disaster Relief 96′, the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock 1969-2009 ‘West Fest’, and many more. He performed at many of the concerts he helped organize and where other performers included Stevie Wonder, Richie Havens, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Buffy St. Marie, and John Sebastian to name just a few.

Jay Jourden heads the Music Department at Global Film Studio and is in charge of composing and producing the music for the company’s upcoming films and documentaries.  D!