By Daria Trifu

This one has been a strange and peculiar summer, and I can’t believe it is almost over! Instead of spending it under the sun and the clear blue skies, I – like everybody else – spent it indoors, beneath the shadow projected upon us by this agonizing viral pandemic to be forever remembered as the time of the COVID-19.

I am lucky that I had a lot of projects to take care of. In the last few months, I’ve been working on this issue of the magazine, organizing the 9th edition of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival, and preparing my next film production. The days passed quickly with the summer going by so fast. 

In two exclusive articles for this issue of Daria!, film director Bruno Pischiutta interviews internationally awarded production designer, Davide De Stefano (page 20), and Former Plenipotentiary Romanian Ambassador to Cuba, Dr. Dumitru Preda, pays tribute to his friend, Cuban historian Eusebio Leal, best known as the Father of Havana, on the eve of his passing (page 14).

Starting on page 31, we present each of the sixty-six films from thirty countries that were selected in competition at this year’s Global Nonviolent Film Festival. With visual content to match the writing, we tell the stories of these films and, in some cases, we give our readers a closer look at how they were made as written for Daria! by their directors and producers. The Festival takes place on-line at, where the viewers from all over the world can watch the full-length movies, their trailers, and the daily video presentations from September 24 to October 4.

Our readers know that, since 2012, the cover of Daria! is in fact the poster of our film Festival, with minimal modifications made to fit the format of the publication. This year is no exception. I personally consider this poster/cover to be particularly poignant in its look, and relevant in the message it wishes to convey. For this reason, I like to tell you more about its design and meaning.

I realized it, in digital collage method, based on a concept of Bruno Pischiutta. It features actress Greta Goldling (page 5).

“The poster advertises the Festival. It is also a freeze-frame that identifies the present year; it will stay there forever, and it will be seen for years to come. 

Until now, 2020 has been marked by two historical elements: COVID-19 and the social unrest in America. The people who will view the poster twenty years from now will not need to read the date of the event, but they will be able to visually identify 2020 as the year when this Festival’s edition took place. 2020 is also the year that marks the debut in the international film industry of actress Greta Goldling who, in this picture, reminisces a young Angelina Jolie,” said Bruno, who also serves as the Festival’s artistic consultant. 

Global Nonviolent Film Festival showcases only nonviolent films since its inception. We were the first to create such an international event and, in 2016, to take it on-line where the whole world could watch the selected movies. Listening to Bruno describing his vision for the poster, I wanted to incorporate all the elements in a composition where they fuse seamlessly through colors, shapes and contrasts. D!