By Daria Trifu

Highlights from this issue include interviews with film producer Rebekah Louisa Smith (page 22) and film actress Sophia Abella (page 44), and an article about artist Codruta Luca and her involvement in fashion as designer of swimsuits and of children wear (page 10). We also publish a chapter, from film director Bruno Pischiutta’s autobiographical blog, that regards the birth of this magazine (page 26). Throughout these pages, we proudly introduce ten of the best actors who are represented by our talent agency, Global Film Actors Agency, and every one of the forty-six films and documentaries from twenty-three countries that have been selected in the 2019 edition of our festival, Global Nonviolent Film Festival (the Film Guide starts at page 51). The cover of Daria! features little Lily, who is the Image of this year’s Film Festival.

I am proud to present a content driven issue of Daria! that spreads over 126 pages, one of our largest yet. I’m particularly proud of the cover, that I produced and designed; it features four-year old Lily, symbol of innocence and of complete refusal of violence in film.

I decided to include the chapter, from Bruno Pischiutta’s autobiographical blog, that describes the founding of Daria! because I believe that this piece has historical value. As a matter of fact, in the past fifteen years, our magazine has been an essential dialectic component of the North-American entertainment culture and has represented a sophisticated Canadian angle in the magazines’ panorama. Daria! always aims to be the first to present film actors, directors, writers and producers as well as artists who may be known by few, but who have the possibility to reach stardom in a short time. In the same way, Daria! aims to be the first to discover and bring to its readers new subjects, unexplored cultural tendencies and films that could achieve universal acceptance and reach global success.

In the second half of the magazine, we publish the complete guide of the films that have been selected at the Global Nonviolent Film Festival and, in the first half, the pages have been dedicated to excellent people.

In three different categories, Rising Stars, D!vine, and D!scover, this issues introduces ten inspiring international, English speaking, actors who deserve a bright future in the international film industry!

The other talented individuals featured in articles this year are definitely exceptional artists and human beings; I’m proud to say that they are friends of mine. Their stories are unique and fully deserve to be known. 

Rebekah Louisa Smith who, always present and very active on the scene of the world’s top film festivals where she is better known as the “Film Festival Doctor”, is now making the big step: she is becoming a great film producer.

Romanian Codruta Luca, my ex-classmate, now a mother and an accomplished artist, is merging, in a lovely way, the different aspects of her life and creates a very special world of illustration and fashion design.

Last but not least, there is the story of the very beautiful Sophia Abella, who is a proud transgender woman. In her interview she tells the readers all she went trough to find her female identity.

When I work on the magazine, I always have my readers in mind. I hope that this issue gives you new ideas and introduces to you interesting films and people that, maybe, you will love. D!